What is FarFantasy?

Social-Fi Trading Card Game on Farcaster Protocol.

SocialFi Trading Card Game built on Farcaster.
Collect and trade influencer NFTs based on a bonding curve, battle in tournaments, and earn rewards.

FarFantasy operates on the Base Network and utilizes $DEGEN for buying and selling NFTs.

Strategize your deck, rally behind your Heroes, and watch your influence soar to the top of the leaderboard for a chance to win awesome rewards!

  • Cards are NFTs
  • Farcaster Native
  • Build on Base
  • $DEGEN for Trading
  • Community Owned


Create your deck

Players choose 5 Hero NFTs to create their deck before a tournament starts. This deck is locked for the duration of the tournament.

Real-Time Influence Tracking:

The system tracks the real-time influence of the Heroes based on their engagement on Farcaster. Dynamic score updates are awarded periodically (e.g., every few hours ) to reflect the changing influence landscape.

Leaderboard :

Increased engagement (likes, comments, shares) for a Hero translates to higher points for their cardholders in the tournament. Tournament progress, players ranking, Hero score are displayed on a leaderboard, reflecting the influence and tournament ranking.

Earn Rewards :

Players who secure the top positions on the leaderboard at the end of the tournament are showered with exciting rewards. These can include $ETH, $DEGEN, Stars & Fan points

How it works

1. Account Creation & Onboarding:

Users create accounts on FarFantasy, likely connecting their wallet.

2. Acquiring Influencer NFTs:

Users can acquire influencer NFTs through several methods: Marketplace: Purchase NFTs directly from the marketplace using $ETH based on the bonding Curve.

Starter Packs: Optional starter packs might be offered with a selection of Hero NFTs to kickstart their collection.

3. Deckbuilding & Strategy:

Users browse the collection of available influencer NFTs and choose 5 Heroes to build their deck (or multiple decks depending on tournament rules).

Rarity, social media stats (follower count, engagement rates) are the main factors to consider when building a strategic deck.

4. Participating in Tournaments:

FarFantasy offers various tournament formats with different entry requirements and reward structures.

Users can choose a tournament that aligns with their deck strength and desired competition level.

Before a tournament starts, users can track participating Heroes and their organic social media activity - if needed, they can edit the deck during the registration period.

5. Real-Time Influence & Scoring:

During the tournament, the system tracks the real-time social media engagement (likes, comments, shares) of each Hero on Farcaster.

Focus on Organic Growth: Emphasize that the system focuses on organic engagement, not artificial manipulation.

This data is translated into dynamic scoring, updated periodically (e.g., every few hours) to reflect the evolving influence landscape.

Users can monitor their score progression and leaderboard position throughout the tournament.

6. Social Engagement & Community Building:

While direct manipulation of scores is discouraged, users are encouraged to organically support their chosen Heroes on Farcaster.

This could involve genuine interactions like following them, reading their posts, and engaging in thoughtful discussions. This fosters a community element where users collaborate and contribute to the overall excitement of the tournaments.

7. Tournament Conclusion & Rewards:

At the end of the tournament, players with the highest scores based on their Heroes' organic social media engagement are declared winners.

Rewards are distributed according to the pre-defined tournament structure, potentially including: $ETH, $DEGEN, Stars and Fan Points.

8. Continued Play & Progression:

Users can participate in future tournaments with their existing Hero collection or acquire new NFTs to build different strategies. The game can evolve with new features, Hero additions, tournaments, leagues, and ever-expanding strategic possibilities, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.


Join our dynamic team at FarFantasy, where our passion ❤️ for Farcaster shapes everything we do. We're on the lookout for innovative and passionate individuals eager to make their mark on a forward-thinking platform.

If you're motivated by fairness, creativity, and the ambition to build an inclusive digital ecosystem, we'd love to hear from you. Discover the opportunities waiting for you at FarFantasy by reaching out to us at hello@farfantasy.com.

Current open positions

React Developer

Wanted: React Developer skilled in JavaScript, Hooks, and Redux for crafting responsive UIs and state-of-the-art web applications..

UI Designer

Seeking a UI Designer with expertise in Figma, Adobe XD, and responsive design principles to elevate user interfaces with visually stunning solutions.


What is FarFantasy?

FarFantasy is the world's first SocialFi TCG built on Farcaster! It's a game where you collect and trade influencer NFTs, build strategic decks, and battle in tournaments based on real-time social media engagement. The more your chosen Heroes get engagement on Farcaster, the higher your score climbs the leaderboard!

How do I play FarFantasy?

Create an Account: Sign up for FarFantasy and connect your wallet. Acquire Hero NFTs: Purchase influencer NFTs from the marketplace or starter packs. Build Your Deck: Choose 5 Hero NFTs to create your deck for a tournament. Participate in Tournaments: Enter a tournament that aligns with your deck strength and desired competition level. Climb the Leaderboard: Track your score and rank as your Heroes gain real-time social media engagement. Win Rewards: Earn awesome rewards like ETH, in-game currency, and exclusive content based on your tournament performance.

How does social media engagement affect the game?

During tournaments, FarFantasy tracks the real-time social media engagement of your chosen Heroes on Farcaster. This engagement data directly translates into your score, making organic support for your Heroes a key strategy.

What is the Bonding Curve, and how does it affect NFTs?

FarFantasy utilizes a bonding curve to facilitate the buying and selling of Hero NFTs within the platform. This mechanism ensures a fair and accessible marketplace for all users. Here's a breakdown: Continuous Liquidity: The bonding curve guarantees that there's always a price at which users can buy or sell Hero NFTs, fostering a more active marketplace. Fair Price Discovery: The price of Hero NFTs adjusts automatically based on supply and demand. This eliminates the need for a centralized market maker and ensures a fair market price for all participants.

What can I do with FarFantasy NFTs?

Collect and Trade: Build your collection of Hero NFTs and trade them with other players on the FarFantasy marketplace. Build Strategic Decks: Choose 5 Hero NFTs to create your deck for tournaments. Each Hero's strengths and social media presence can influence your deck's strategy. Participate in Tournaments: Enter tournaments and compete with other players. The real-time social media engagement of your chosen Heroes translates into your score, making them key assets in your competitive journey. Earn Rewards: Win awesome rewards like ETH, in-game currency, and exclusive content based on your tournament performance and your Heroes' social media influence.

I have additional questions. Where can I find more information?

For more detailed information and inquiries, you can reach out directly to the FarFantasy team via their official communication channels.